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Five Types of Watches You Can Gift Men

By   05/16/2017

If you want to gift your man, there are many types of watches that you should consider. Before deciding on the best watch to buy for your man, you should first need to look at the primary functions. If you are buying a watch as a gift, you need to look at the style and design. And it should be clear that watches are made for specific functions. So if you are looking for the best watch to gift your man, consider his likes, and this will make your search easier.

Consider buying a durable watch that can be worn daily. Buy a watch that does not scratch easily and the one that is made of thicker glass. Know where the person works. This will help you to know the type of watch to buy. For example, if he is working around the heavy machines or equipment, there are extra watchbands that can be the best with his working environment. Below are the types of watches which you can choose from.

The classic leather strap

watchThis type of a watch is designed with a black or brown leather strap. It has a classic look with a metal case. It is best to those people that go different formal events. If it is a black tie occasion, a brown band will be used to give a classic look.

Metal love

These watches have a large case with metal bands, and they are heavier than you can imagine. It can be used with formals or casually. So it should be gifted to those men that like heavy watches. Since men do not like flashy items, be careful when purchasing this metal love watch because some have bling on them.


These watches are used in specific situations. So if the man you are buying for likes all kind of activities, then this is going to be the best match. Driver watches are the best watches under this category because they are made of strong bands, and they can withstand underwater pressure. This type of watch cannot be worn to formal events because it is bulky.


clockThese are the mostly used watches. They are available in the market, and they have affordable prices. The cheaper ones do not have much of the features compared to the expensive one. They look great, and they are sturdy. These features make them more comfortable making the majority of the men to like and enjoy wearing them.…