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Benefits Of Waxing

By   05/14/2016

Waxing is a type of hair removal that is used mostly by women. The areas that are mostly waxed include the armpits, legs, eyebrows and the bikini line. It is a safe method of hair removal that is cost effective and time saving. Hair takes three to six weeks before growing back and this shows that it is better than shaving. This method has become so popular that even men are opting for it. Its benefits on the skin are numerous. Here are some of the benefits of waxing.

No Skin Damagefeet

Other hair removal methods may cause damage to the skin like cuts. Waxing is safe because there are no harshchemicals present in the wax. The skin is therefore saved from harsh effects that come with time. There are harsh methods like hair removal creams that cause pigmentation or a bad smelling skin. It is advisable to choose waxing over those methods.

Diminishes Hair Growth

Waxing repeatedly may cause the hair to grow at a slow rate. It may even stop growing. Shaving on the other hand facilitates the growth of hair because the hair is removed on the surface. Waxing on the other hand removes hair from its roots that is why it takes a longer time to grow back.

Removes The Hair And Exfoliates The Skin

Another benefit of waxing is that it serves the double function of removing hair from the skin and exfoliating the skin as well. The skin becomes smooth and soft. This is because during waxing, the dead cells on the surface of the skin are eliminated. The skin is therefore left rejuvenated.

Effects Are Long Lasting

smiling manWaxing is preferred because once hair is removed from the desired area; it will take a long time for hair to grow back there. Moreover, the skin is left looking smooth and even lighter. When one shaves, it takes between three to eight weeks for the hair to grow back. It depends on the person because different people have different rates of growth of hair. Shaving does not help much because one will notice the hair growing back after even three days.
Waxing can be done at home or by a professional. It depends on the person. It is an activity that takes a short while yet it has long lasting positive effects. It is, therefore, good to give it a try because shaving is not so good for the skin. The pain of waxing is worth it.…