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How To Look Good When Performing On Stage

By   07/21/2017

When you are a singer, one thing you must be ready for is a live stage performance. Expect that in your life and never turn down such opportunities since this may be the beginning of your successful music career. Purpose to attend and to give your viewers the best of your show. Do all the preparations you need so that when the day comes, your work will be fair to the amount of money paid by your fans to watch your work. Take a look at muse grammy nominations; this band was nominated because of their great performances. You could be just like them.

Discussed below are tips on how to look good when performing on stage.

Ignore your audience

female singer on stageRemember your audience is there to criticize you, interrupt you and they might make faces as you perform. The only mistake you can do is to pay attention to them. You are there to present and the minute you pay attention to your audience is the minute you mess up with your presentations. Focus mainly on what you had prepared on and make sure it turns out as exactly as you had planned. The audience can make you mess your performance and so make sure you avoid listening to them.

Use the fourth wall

This is the wall that protects you as the performer from the audience. You should make sure you concentrate on the stage. That is your place for the few minutes you have of presentation. Mix with the audience later on after all the work is over. Avoid integration with your audience during the presentation because a slight missing of some lines in your work will make you mess out greatly. The audience can even make you forget on what you had rehearsed.

Be audible

If you are a singer presenting your pieces of art ensure that you are audible. If people are not able to get what you are saying, they might get furious and make lots of undesirable noises that can make you sweat profusely and you may forget some of your lines. When you are audible enough, the audience will join in your songs and might not even realize if you have made a mistake. They will give you all the confidence you need in presenting your work and the two of you will end up enjoying the presentation.

Break the monotony

By breaking the monotony, I mean, do not only sing from the beginning to end. Allow for interruption such as dances. If you make good moves, you will catch the eyes of the viewers and make them sing with you. Singing continuously leads to boredom. Give the audience time to do something different. Rap a little bit to make the audience change their mood. Be flexible and adapt some creativity to make your work more lively.

woman on stage

Allow for the audience’s opinion

If you happen to be presenting and the audience clearly wants you to dance for them, do it. If that is what they want then do it. They have paid their money to have you perform for them and so what is the point of you rejecting?…