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Beard Growing And Grooming Tips

By   08/22/2018

How do I grow a beard? Every man asks himself this question at some point in his life. A friend, family, or some personal liking for beards could inspire have inspired the need to grow a beard. A neat and well-kept beard gives a real fashion statement and can define your career path.

Growing a beard

There are different types of beards. As such, some men find Growing a beardit easy to manage a beard than others. The type of hair has some part to play. However, how well you maintain your beard is a matter of attitude and approach. Thus, if you have always dreamt of having a nice and attractive beard, here are some beard growing tips that could be of help.

Start from scratch

If you intend to grow a beard, it is imperative to start the process afresh. Ideally, you need a proper shave to ensure your skin is fresh. You also need to treat the skin to take care of any signs of irritation.

Growing the beard – Overcome the itch

Once you have shaved and treated the area well, you should be prepared for an itchy skin for the first few weeks. It is important to know that this itchiness is not dependent on how clean your beard is. The itchiness is caused by the hairs capability of attracting rogue dust. The good thing is that the itchy feeling is short lived.

Find a shape that suits you

Growing a beardMost men are tempted to go for a beard design that looks good on their mate or model. Unfortunately, what looks good for someone else might not be necessarily good for you. Therefore, you need to take your time and look for a beard that might be appropriate for your face. You can do this by looking a beard charts for facial inspirations. This is particularly important if you are trimming the beard on yourself. However, there is also the option of visiting your local barber just in case you cannot do the styling on your own.

Expert tip

Growing a beard is like a full-time job. A well-groomed beard is a product of consistent efforts. As such, you can start by visiting a professional barber, From there, you should consider buying the best corded beard trimmer¬†for routine maintenance if you beard happens to be patchy in some areas.…